1 Buff Your Best Guy

I would recommend you to pick the Akhelian king and place him on the sides so that he can bring his troops in the back. The Akhelian leader increases 40-80% attack damage of soldiers. Next, Place the Vanguard Raptor on the corners for long-ranged attacks. After this, keep your troops faction almost the same. Like with the mentioned troops, you can place Lord Castellon. Make sure to lock all the troops.

2 Upgrade Your Units in Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena

To throw new players off, make sure you follow all the tips. It’s overall an easy game. It would be best if you upgrade your units from time to time. You can upgrade by adding a similar or exact team to your army. Make sure that you have pre-planned your troops beforehand. Don’t try to mix up your troops; I’m not saying you should not experiment, but it advises you if you want to level up quickly. Most beginners make the mistake of not upgrading the troops and placing irrelevant soldiers on the battlefield.

3 Increase Your Space

You can upgrade your units during arena battles and have them out on the battlefield by using gems. It will depend on the size of your army and whether you will win the war or not. Upgraded units and filled troops in spaces will have greater chances of winning the matches.

4 Make Use of Synergies in Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena

It’s similar to doing upgrades. You can combine three same or similar types of the unit for synergies. For example, if you place a few melee-style units in the area, you will get a fighter synergy. This will overall increase the firepower and abilities of your squad. Synergies are like two-sided swords; if you use them well, they will be the most powerful weapon for you; otherwise, they will kill the wielder instead.

Warhammer AoS tips and tricks

Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena is available only on Google Play. Currently, I hope it gets an iOS version soon. Warhammer AoS: Soul Arena is similar to chess but more action-based, and I liked their concept. Plus, it’s an auto-battle game of wits, so it’s not dull. I hope you enjoy the tips and tricks that I shared, and if you have more to share, comment below. Check out another similar tactical game before zoning out: Island War.

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