Wicked Paradise Walkthrough

Are you looking for Wicked Paradise Walkthrough? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you Wicked Paradise Walkthrough. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the events and scenes.

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Julia

  • After intro event: Evening
  • Morning event: Automatic
  • Kitchen event: Monday, wednesday or Friday mornings > +1 love point
  • Living room event: (requires = painkillers) random workday, but only afternoon
  • Julia’s room evening event: random day, but only evening
  • Julia’s room afternoon event: (requires = evening scene) random day, but only afternoon
  • Bathroom event: Evening > +5 love points
  • First contact: Evening > +8 love point
  • Mysterious phone call: (requires = Julia’s room evening event & Love points >8) > 1st floor, Kitchen, Morning
  • Last Calls: (requires = Mysterious phone call) > Julia’s room, morning
  • Always there for her: (requires = Mysterious phone call) > Kitchen, morning
  • Julia’s room evening event II: (requires = Al the previous event) > Julia’s room, evening
  • Bathroom event II: (requires = Julia’s room evening event II) Bathroom, evening
  • Picture has get out of the house: (requires = Bathroom event II) Living room, afternoon
  • Painkillers: Yes, there are in the bathroom drawer, but you can’t select them until you complete the rest of the events with Julia

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Emily

  • After intro event: Evening
  • Living room event: Monday or Thursday Mornings > +1 love point
  • Living room event II: (requires = Julia’s room evening event II) Thursday Morning > +1 love point
  • 3rd Living room event: Morning, random day
  • Your room event I: (requires 3rd Living room event) Your room, Morning
  • Emily’s room event I: Her room, Evening > +5 love points
  • 4th Living room event: (Emily’s room event I and love points > 5) Living room, Afternoon

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Katherine

  • Cafe event: Leave home in the morning with at least $7
  • Morning visit: (Requires = Cafe event & Email)
  • Evening visit: (Requires = Morning visit) Katherine’s house, Evening, Living room
  • New Found exercise: (Requires = Evening visit) Katherine’s house, Morning, bedroom
  • Yoga event I: (Requires = New Found exercise) Katherine’s house, Morning, garden
  • Unusual Hobby event: Katherine’s bedroom, afternoon > Click on the gun (bed table)

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Amanda

  • 1st email: From day 3
  • 2nd email: From day 4 (requires = 1st email)
  • 3rd email: From day 5 (requires = 2nd email)
  • 4th email: From day 6 (requires = 3rd email)
  • 5th email: From day 7 (requires = 4th email)
  • Unexpected visit: (requires = 5th email & yoga scene with Katherine) Katherine’s house, Living room, morning

Wicked Paradise Walkthrough – Andrew & Steve

  • 1st encounter: (Requires = Katherine Cafe event & at least day 2) Night, Coffee shop > but to start this event, check the mail once you meet the requirements


  • 1st dream: Automatic
  • 2nd dream: requires = Katherine coffee event, Emily’s room event I & Julia first contact


  • So You’ve made it: Complete the game intro
  • Real Sweetheart: Send message and compliment Julia during the intro
  • Playful Gentleman: Open the door and play a little game with Katherine in the cafe
  • More Like EZ Mode: Play and complete the “Uber mode” in Attent.ion minigame
  • Pill Hunt: Find and bring Julia her painkillers
  • Third Eye: Play “Attent.ion” minigame and get focus level to 10
  • Gifted Kid: Speak with Katherine and learn about her gift
  • Unusual Hobby: warehouse scene with Katherine


Well, now that you have the Wicked Paradise Walkthrough, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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