YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough And Guide

Are you looking for YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough And Guide? Well, your wait is over. In this article we are going to give you YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough And Guide. This game guide will help you progress in the game. Also using this game guide you can unravel all the secret levels, items, rewards and more.

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Route 1

  1. Check the call history
  2. Get zappy
  3. Be friends
  4. Give it to Miyuki
  5. Stop her ( Route 1 good end) or Let her do it ( Route 1 bad end)
  6. Get zappy
  7. Let her down (dead end) or Help her believe (to Continue playing)
  8. You will end with Miyuki

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Route 2

This is the Aoi route     

  1. Check the call history
  2. Get zappy
  3. Be friends
  4. Give it to Aoi
  5. Don’t give up
  6. Don’t give up
  7. The mobile game
  8. Play the game
  9. Sneak into the school
  10. Search for my dreams
  11. Chase after Eru
  12. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  13. Talk to Aoi
  14. Aoi herself
  15. Promise
  16. Take this as a sign
  17. Tell me the truth
  18. Aoi is lying
  19. I love you

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Route 3

This is the Miyuki route

  1. Check the call history
  2. Throw it
  3. You are
  4. No
  5. Right click (Menu) > Restart
  6. Yes
  7. Check the correct answers after Route 3 walkthrough
  8. Continue Miyuki’s route
  9. Raise Miyuki’s affection points
  10. Hang out with Miyuki
  11. Have S with Miyuki
  12. Protect Miyuki
  13. Love Miyuki
  14. Forget Aoi
  15. Stay in the appartment
  16. Save my memories with Miyuki
  17. Adapt to the new world

Random Events

  1. Holding hands on the way to school > Move closer
  2. Male friendship vs female friendship > Ask about Haru
  3. Lunchtime on the roof > Tea
  4. Rehearsal > Kiss her
  5. A sweet treat > You sure you won’t get fat? > Definitely
  6. A date at Catnip > A photo frame > There’s two?
  7. At the bookstore > Cooking 101
  8. Showdown at the batting cages > I want Miyuki
  9. Second time, only once > I want Aoi
  10. After a certain event, this choice will be added to this part > Do it in cosplay / Do it at school
  11. A mysterious cardboard box… Leave
  12. Study session (First time) > Mess with it > Go through her address book > Place a phone call > No
  13. Study session (First time) > Mess with it > Go through her photos
  14. Cutting class > Skip with her
  15. Happy birthday! > I always hoped things would turn out like this > Comfort me
  16. Rooftop cleanup > I agree
  17. After enough batting cage scenes
  18. I want to
  19. What’s for dinner? (First time) > Let’s order takeout
  20. What’s for dinner? (First time) > I’ll cook this time > Kick her out > The small bag
  21. At the corner store > Hold hands
  22. After the loop > I love you > Run off with Miyuki > Call
  23. Second time out of the loop > Take her phone > Go through her address book > Unlock via security questions.

Random Miyuki Answers

  1. Why did I get rid of my old phone?
  2. How many weeks has it been since we started living together?
  3. Which of these do I hate the most?
  4. When we order takeout, what do I prefer?
  5. Back when I was in kindergarten, what did I want to be when I grew up?
  6. What’s my signature pitch?
  7. How do I view friendship between women?
  8. Which one of these have I been wanting for a while?
  9. What did I recently buy at Catnip?
  10. What’s my specialty dish?
  11. What’s my favorite fragrance?
  12. Why do I like cats?
  13. What book did I add to my secret collection recently?
  14. What’s my best pitching form?
  15. What sort of blackmail photo did I take of Shinichi?
  16. Which of these do I like the most?
  17. How do I calculate sales tax?
  18. What is the title of the play I wrote?
  19. What sport do I hate the most?
  20. Why don’t I like to hold hands in public?
  21. What did Shinichi cook for me back when we were kids?
  22. What detour do we usually make on the way to school?
  23. Which of these is my favorite ice cream?
  24. What’s the name of the protagonist in the play I wrote?
  25. How do I react when someone asks me about my weight?
  26. What’s my limit on geeky video game merch?
  27. What’s my theory behind why Schrodinger chose a cat for his thought experiment?
  28. Why do I like photos?
  29. Why do I love this town?
  30. What’s the one school subject I’m actually bad at?

YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough & Guide – Cheat Code

To use the cheat code, first you have to find 3 numbers.

  1. God’s number: It is a random number just as 999-0514-0514 (11 digits)
  2. Your code: Located on the first page of manual.
  3. Number of times you have kissed Miyuki: To find it, look in her diary or the backlog.

Cheat Code =  God’s number – Your Code + Miyuki Kisses


Well, now that you have the YOU and ME and HER Walkthrough And Guide, use it to complete the game. We will keep updating this walkthrough guide as the game progresses. If you need walkthrough and guide for any other game, let me know in the comment section.

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